Friday, November 10, 2006

Poptique Broadcasts Bollywood 'Bondalike'!!!

Our dear friend and ally Poptique has posted up a tribute to AGENT VINOD!, a wild-looking Bollywood Bond-rip both on his blog and his YouTube page.
I proudly point you in it's direction and offer you a couple of juicy samples of the clips therein:

Viva La Poptique! Viva La Bollywood!

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Poptique said...

Let's not forget Viva La Worldweird! Cheers for the heads up and for posting the spinning chair shootout I neglected to include...

I'll be brandishing some more faux Bonds over the next few posts - basically until I run out of examples (which won't take too long). Love to see the 60s Bollywood Bond rip I mentioned but info for that is very thin on the ground.