Monday, November 13, 2006

SHOCKING VIDEOS is having a Sale!!

One of our fave sources for obscure trash cinema on DVDr, Shocking Videos, is having a holiday "blowout sale" that you'd be a fool to pass up. If you can't find like, 30 things to buy from this guy, then you should probably just go back to watching ALF reruns. From the horse's mouth:

Okay, I know you're busy so I'm going to spare you all the cheesy yuletide cliches and marketing hoopla and cut right to the chase: Holidays mean sales and this one's a doozy. From now until December 1st I'm setting aside my already generous "Buy 3 get 1 Free" bonus offer and replacing it with an EVEN MORE generous BUY 2 GET 1 FREE offer! That's right, order any two videos or DVDs and take a third of your choice ABSOLUTELY FREE (normal shipping charges apply)! This is a NO LIMIT offer so the more you buy the more you save: Buy 4 get 2 more free, Buy 6 get 3 more free, Buy 8 get for more free, buy 10 get 5 more free, etc. I won't be repeating this offer anytime soon (if ever) so this is a GREAT opportunity to stock up on those rare titles for your library. Hurry though, the offer ends December 1st.


Spend $50 or more and I'll also throw in a FREE DVD of the extremely rare holiday anti-classic, THE JUNKY'S CHRISTMAS the heartwarming tale of a skid row hype who learns the true meaning of Christmas while trying to cop a fix on Baby Jesus' B-Day. Written and narrated by William S. Burroughs and done entirely in Claymation it's wonderfully warped and surprisingly touching, but still guaranteed to have Aunt Erma ralphing up her Sweet Potato Surprise! I have a limited supply of these and you can only get one when you order $50 or more worth of stuff so don't miss out because when they're gone they're gone!

Awesome. AND our pals (or pal, it's just one guy named Mark) at SV have also updated their webstite with over 60 new mouth-watering movies. Especially of interest to us Worldweird Cinema types is JAMES BATMAN: a filipino Batman/Bond rip from the 60s, REVENGE OF NINJA: a Barry Prima Indonesian fantasy extravaganza which features "kung fu fighting, disco dancing, barroom brawls, witches, demons, wizards, demon possession and exorcism, people and cars that blow up for no earthly reason and even a zombie army (that) puts in a last-minute appearance", and the Danish sex-freak classick THE SINFUL DWARF drawn from what is promised to be the nicest looking print extant! Yowza! How can you resist?

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