Monday, November 20, 2006

The Latest from Onar Films!!

Bill marches on! More delays for his Turkish Horror Double Feature, but some good news as well!
Read on!

In case there are still people who care, here are the latest developments, or rather DEVILopments!

1- About 1 month ago, my good friend Ali Murat (my saviour) found the best subtitling studio in Istanbul and he was ready to give them the 2 films for subs.
2- At the same time, another guy was ready to give him the interviews so that they would go for subs at once.
3- And the betamasters would arrive here 5 days after that, that is 25 days ago, ok?


1- That subs studio asked for an astronomical amount, 3 times higher than what I used to pay!
2- The guy with the intervies vanished into thin air!!
3- The betas were sent not 5 days after that but 15. And the day they were to be delievered to me, the courier vehicle broke down and they were delivered 1 day later!


1- I managed to find another translator, with reasonable prices... AND she started working for me...AND she sent the subs for the 1st film....
2- I insisted and finally the interviews guy was found and promised he would hand them 10 days ago...
3- I gave the betas to the studio here for some restoration...


1- The subs proved to have major technical errors making it impossible to use.
2- The 10 days passed and he disappeared again...
3- The studio's beta video machine broke down "beyond local repair"!


1- I managed to correct the subs and the guy here working on them told me that we can work on them without a problem.
2- The interview SOUL-TAKING guy promised he will hand the F@#*ing interviews later this week.
3- We are looking for another studio to work on the betas and this week the problem will be solved no matter what.

Well, as you can guess my plan for a late November release went to hell.
I want to hope that middle December will be more like it.
Meanwhile, I'm simultaneously working on my next double-bill, with SUPERMEN DONUYOR & DEMIR YUMRUK DEVLER GELIYOR. I want to release this right after the horror double-bill, during the Christmas Holidays.

BUT, this time I will be wiser than before and press NOT 1200 pieces but 800 the most! I will never sell out 1200 pcs even if I live for ever. So, from now on, 800 pcs will be enough, maybe less. SADLY, the price will HAVE to be raised a bit because my costs will be exactly the same. This means, that the final retail price is going to be about 5-6$ higher. But given that these releases will be super-duper limited, the REAL FANS should not complain...


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