Saturday, August 05, 2006

Mondo Macabro produces new horror film! In Pakistan!!

Pete Tombs mentioned in an interview last year that MM were going to be co-producing a horror movie in Pakistan, and here is the early evidence that just such an endeavor is in fact underway.
Check out the awesome teaser poster! (click it for further info):

The film is being directed by Omar Khan, who may remember as the articulate critic on the MM doc. about South Asian Cinema and as one half of the commentary team on the terrific DVD of the classic ZINDA LASH (THE LIVING CORPSE). He writes reviews of Bollywood films and of fantastic Western cinema for the website The Hot Spot, which you can visit right here! Be sure to seek out and read his utterly fascinating History of Lollywood Loose Cannons, Dangerous Curves and Levitating Holy Scriptures, it's highly informative and fun to boot. Scroll down under "Flash News" to find it.

As for the new movie, no listing for it at IMDB, and basically all the info I can find is that is being made pretty much right now, which might account for why Mondo Macabro's been so quiet the last couple of months. But from the poster and the folk involved this promises at least to be fairly interesting.

We will keep you updated with any info we dig up!

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