Friday, August 18, 2006

DAUGHTERS OF DARKNESS re-emerges from Blue Underground with a BLOOD SPATTERED BRIDE in tow!!

Fangoria broke the details today of Blue Underground's upcoming re-release of Harry Kumel's amazing arty 70s lesbo-vampire flick DAUGHTERS OF DARKNESS which is coming out on October 31 of this very year. Most important among the "extras" on the two disc set is Vincent Aranda's own terrific sexy lesbian bloodsucker opus THE BLOOD SPATTERED BRIDE! What the freak!?! That's really awesome, especially seeing as how neither film is in Worldweird's Collection despite our loving both. The full details (as much as is known) are below, along with the really, really coooool cover.
We love it!

Audio commentary by Kumel
Audio commentary by Karlen and journalist David Del Valle
Locations of Darkness interviews with K�mel and co-writer/co-producer Pierre Drouot
Playing the Victim interview with Ouimet
Daughter of Darkness interview with Rau
Theatrical trailer
Radio spots
Poster/still gallery

Disc 2: Vicente Aranda's Euroshocker THE BLOOD SPATTERED BRIDE (in 16x9-enhanced 1.85:1 widescreen), along with its U.S. combo theatrical trailer; retail price is $29.95.

Again, that's on October 31. Halloween. Perfect.


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