Thursday, August 10, 2006

Are new films becoming interesting?

Probably not. But at least there are a few promising things. As reported here last week, fab DVD label Mondo Macabro are co-producing a new horror film in Pakistan called ZIBAHKHANA directed by noted Pakistani film critic and historian Omar Khan. News broke this week that shooting has in fact wrapped and the website has been updated with some stills from the production. Looks pretty wild. Khan told the fellows at Twitch that "Never in the history of South Asian cinema has anything quite so splattery ever been attempted." Sounds totally boss. Click the rather, well, splattery image below for further such info.

Something else being reported at Twitch is the filmic return of the mighty Coffin Joe himself, Jose Mojica Marins! According to them as well as Dread Central, Marins is set to FINALLY film the looooooonnnnngggg intended sequel to the all-time classick THIS NIGHT I'LL POSSESS YOUR CORPSE (one of our favorite films here at Worldweird) which is set to be called THE EMBODIMENT OF EVIL and goes a little something like this:

After 38 years of imprisonment, Coffin Joe is haunting the streets of Sao Paulo, still obsessed with the concept of rearing the perfect son by mating with a superior woman. Blocking his path to procreation will be a police colonel, the entire population of a local Favela (Brazilian slum), and a vengeful priest whose father was killed by Joe many years ago. Oh, and all of Joe'’s past victims are returning from Hell to get their revenge on the man as well!

That's according to Johnny Butane at Dread Central. Apparently the film will boast the biggest budget of Marins career and be his goriest as well. Very, very interesting.
We'll keep you updated with info as it becomes available.

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