Friday, September 29, 2006

More Info on SNAKE DANCER from Mondo Macabro!!!

Here's the scoop:
SNAKE DANCER - South Africa's finest cult movie finally
makes an official DVD release - SNAKE DANCER aka GLENDA - tells the true life tale of Glenda Kemp - the exotic dancer who's racy act caused huge outrage in 70's SA. The disc contains an exclusive interview with the director Dirk De Villiers and a brand new half hour featurette on South African underground and cult cinema.
Please note: This DVD has been prepared from the only available elements. In our bid to give you the wildest & rarest movies from all corners on the earth - sometimes we just have to do what we can with what we have! We hope you agree! But please dont expect an HD transfer with this one... (rest assured it actually looks pretty good and what Glenda does with her snake is all too clear!)

Pre-order this for a whopping 32% at Amazon here!

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Anonymous said...

I own about 80% of MM's output. This one looks a little lame to me.