Friday, September 01, 2006

The Mighty FIREBACK! Featuring the great Richard Harrison!!

Here's a great online clip from the late 70/early 80s US/Filipino action non-classic FIREBACK. This is seriously one of our favorite movies, which we were lucky enough recently to pick up at our local Hollywood Video since the're liquidating their old VHS stock.
Enjoy the z-grade genius!

And here's a scan of the wonderful cover art for the VHS, click it for further info about the movie.

Clip courtesy the Youtube account of someone named Brujaria


Anonymous said...

god dammit man... do you have that movie? i have been searchin it since 2005 and i can't find it.

Ralph- said...

i just picked up this movie at a local Liquor Store and it is pretty sensational. does he ever actually use the gun?? i didnt see him use it.