Monday, July 10, 2006

Onar Films Appreciation Week!!

"If you want to waste cash, see your hair grow grey, and feel like shit then all you have to do is release Turkish films. I mean, if I released DVDs with paint getting dry or my mother-in-law washing dishes, sales would be much better. Now, sales simply suck. Each new release is doing worse than the previous one. Most of the wholesale dealers that used to buy from me now dumped me for some reason. Nobody gives me a chance. Only XPLOITED CINEMA ( in the States proved to be a great friend who has been supporting me steadily. All the others - so far - have decided to pass or just order 5-10 DVD’s just to prove their buyers they carry something special."

This sad quote, from an interview with Bill Barounis, President and CEO of the fabulous Onar Films Co. in Greece, has really struck me hard. I love what Bill does and admire his tenacity and of course his great taste in movies and so it saddens me deeply that he has had such trouble in moving his astounding product. We here at Worldweird Cinema are indebted to people such as Bill who who spend money, sweat and tears to get these amazing, official DVDs of wild foriegn pop cinema out to the general public, so we feel as though we have to give something back. In that spirit and to help Bill out in promoting his wares, we are dedicating the next week to the DVD releases of Onar Films, past, present and future. New reviews, old reviews, trailers, interviews, previews, links galore, and hopefully a few surprises as well. I urge all who read this who haven't yet purchased them to order all of Onar's fine releases, you won't be disapointed. And anyone who has already got them, I urge you to show them to your friends, review them on your blogs, do whatever you can do to ensure that Bill can continue to put out these astonishing Turkish pulp films, some of the craziest, most cartoonish and amateurish (in the true sense of the word) cinema the world has ever offered. We owe Bill a great deal for what he does. We got his back. Do you?

For more immediate info, visit the Onar Films website here.


Anonymous said...

you're link to onar films dosn't work

Jared said...

Thank You Mysterious Stranger!
It works now!

Poptique said...

Hurrah for Onar Appreciation Week!! Let the celebrations commence!