Friday, June 30, 2006

Jodorowsky prepares a new film!!!

The rumors would appear to be true. Alejandro Jodorwsky is in preproduction for a new film, a metaphysical poliziotteschi (a counterpart to his "metaphysical spaghetti western" EL TOPO?) called KING SHOT. The film will star Nick Nolte and Marilyn Manson (who are apparently coughing up a sizable chunk of the films 3 million dollar budget) and will be made in Jodo's old stomping grounds, Mexico. While we here at Worldweird aren't in the habit of following the developments going on in contemporary film (most of which we don't like all that much, to be honest), this is major, MAJOR news. Jodorowsky is our favorite director as well as just one of our favorite human beings, period. We will keep you updated as more news comes in.
The lucky, well-connected bastards at Twitch are responsible for this important breaking news and as well have exclusive looks at some of the storyboards. They look unbelievably cool, if somewhat extravagant for such a modestly budgeted flick.

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Principita_Succubus said...

Mmm Saludos desde Chile, especificamente desde la segunda región tierra natal del gran maestro AlejandrOJODOROwsky, como debes saber esa pelicula creo que ya no va por falta de presupuesto, pero hace falta una proxima entrega quizás hasta con ribetes psicomágicos del gran Jodorowsky.