Monday, June 19, 2006

Mondo Macabro goes Bollywood!!

Our favorite DVD label will unleash upon the world a double feature of Bollywood horror films (BANDH DARWAZA and PURANA MANDIR) on September 29. Here is a Worldweird Exclusive First Look at the cover:

Pretty damned cool. We can't wait. To tide you over till then here's a couple of YouTube clips that MM has put up which give a sneak peak at the docu on the discs.

This should be some seriously wild and woolly stuff. Speaking of wild and woolly, here's another video that Mondo Macabro has posted, a clip from some very, very strange looking 'Lollywood' ( nickname for the Pakistani film industry) flick. Don't know what movie it's from or if it's something they will be putting out soon or what, but it is incredibly weird and the kind of thing we just can't get enough of 'round here.

Prepare yourself:


Andy from MM has given me the lowdown on what's coming when from them later this year . Following the Bollywood set will be SNAKE DANCER in October, which has been on their webpage for awhile now, but has been pushed back somewhat. Info on this film has been somewhat scarce, so Andy filled me in:

"Snake Dancer is pretty much the only South African cult movie! Made by legendary Dirk DeVilliers it was also known as Glenda and tells the story of Glenda Kemp - an exotic dancer who gained enormous fame and notoriety in the 70's."

Cool. We will keep you updated with any more info when it becomes available.


Anonymous said...

Argh! No Mondo Macabro in July or August!?!

Jared said...

Oh, I KNOW! Two whole months! Hopefully the rest of the year will be packed with international exploity goodness!
Thanks for the positive feedback, Marshall!