Saturday, August 28, 2010

Korean Horror! At Unkown Kino! WWC says check it out!

In the interest of keeping the barest of pulses still moving here at Worldweird Cinema, let me point you to a spate of recent reviews by my friend Mathieu St-Pierre. He lives in The Republic of Korea (that's South Korea to most of us in the English speaking world), and the lucky bastard has easy (or at least, easier) access to the incredibly obscure world of pre-millennium Korean horror flicks. His blog Unknown Kino is just about the only place other than yers troolies where the so-inclined can read about this almost entirely unknown region of international exploitation cinema. So soak it up. Unless Mondo Macabro or some other brave entrepreneurs strikes a deal with the Korean Film Archive to remaster and unleash some of these on DVD, our two sites are just about the only English language options for finding out about these things. There are a few Korean DVDs out there. I leave it to you to do your own digging.
On to the reviews! Take it away Monsieur St. Pierre!





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