Monday, September 28, 2009

R1 DVD Insanity!

More upcoming R1 DVD stuff that you should consider checking out!

L'AMOUR BRAQUE (Mondo Vision) Out 10-15-2009

ART OF LOVE (Severin) Out 11-24-2009

BLADE OF THE RIPPER (Mya) Out 1-26-2010

DESIRABLE TEACHER (Mya) Out 1-26-2010

DUSAN MAKAVAJEV, FREE RADICAL (Eclipse/Criterion) Out 10-13-2009

GOODBYE GEMINI (Scorpion) Out 2-23-2010

HUMAN COBRAS (Mya) Out 11-24-2009

HUNCHBACK OF THE MORGUE (Mya) Out 11-24-2009

THE LADY MEDIC (Mya) Out 11-24-2009

THE LAST DECAMERON (Mya) Out 11-24-2009

MASSACRE MAFIA STYLE (JRH Films) Out 10-29-2009

PETS (Code Red) Out 10-06-2009

THE REAL EMANUELLE (Mya) Out 11-24-2009

RITUALS (Code Red) Out 11-17-2009

SATAN'S WIFE (Mya) Out 1-26-2010


SEX ADVICE (Mya) Out 1-26-2010


Patrick B said...

Hi Jared. Do you know if MASSACRE MAFIA STYLE will only be available trough

Jared said...

I think so, and there will only be 500 of them so order soon!

Phantom of Pulp said...

I'm wondering if the Mya HUNCHBACK will be much different from the special edition put out by Anolis. I don't want to double dip unless I must.

Jared said...

I'd advice against it, just going on Mya's track record. Chances are you'd just be buying the same print in a different package.

Phantom of Pulp said...

Thanks. I'll steer clear.

Did you get the Anolis box?

I was very impressed.

Jared said...

I didn't. It seemed to be gone almost before I even knew it existed. Looking forward to checking out Mya's disc (via a rental). Never seen it before but I tend to love Naschy's stuff so I'm sure it will be great.

Joleen said...

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