Saturday, August 01, 2009

EL VAMPIRO SANGRIENTO! Mexican Horror on Youtube!

Cribbed from the great VAMPIROS AND MOSTROUS blog, here's part one of an atmostpheric Gothic horror from 1961 that's presented in its entirety on the Youtube. Sadly for us barbarians it is only in Spanish with no English subtiltes. But this is really bizarre stuff! And well worth a look!

Click on the fantastic poster art below to go to the the original blog entry with the rest of the movie and a link to an English language synopis.


Jack J said...

This is a great find, Jared!

The English title is THE BLOODY VAMPIRE. Personally I couldn't stand watching a whole movie on YouTube so I'd just like to mention there are actually two dvd releases of this film and they are both on Amazon. One is in Spanish without subs (better picture) and the other is the English dubbed version which was also out on VHS (which is what I've got).

There is also a sequel entitled INVASION OF THE VAMPIRES from '63.

Brian of "Cool Ass Cinema" blog wrote a good review of BLOODY VAMPIRE:


Jared said...

I'll have to look for that Spanish language disc. What region is that Jack? Mexihorror is so very addictive! I need more!

Jack J said...

Yes it is! LOL. I forgot to mention I also have the dvd by the way. I don't remember if it's a Mexican or (a sub-less) US release but it's from one of the two places and thus reg. 1. I got it from eBay but I saw it on yesterday when I wrote the first reply. I think it was around 20 dollars.

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Maybe the most hilarious Mexican movie I've ever seen in my whole life hahaha.

Jade said...

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