Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Worldweird Returns!

After much soulsearching over the past several months, the decision to reactivate WWC has been made. Let there be much rejoicing! Cool, now that all 8 or so of you are vocally rejoicing, let's get back down to business. Here's a quick look at some upcoming DVD releases that I think will be of interest to the Worldweird faithful. CAVEAT: WWC makes no claims, positive or otherwise as to the quality and/or completeness of the films on this list, do your own research before buying as always!
Let's take a look!! (All cover images from the indispensable DVD Aficionado website.)

42 ST. FOREVER Vol. 5 (Synapse) out 9/29/2009

BLACK MAGIC 2 (Tokyo Shock) out 6/16/2009

DINNER WITH A VAMPIRE (Mya) out 8/25/2009

DOOR INTO SILENCE (Severin) out 6/30/2009

GOZU (Cinema Epoch) out 7/14/2009

GRADIVA (Mondo Macabro) out 8/25/2009

HARDWARE (Severin) out 9/29/2009

HORRIBLE aka ABSURD (Mya) out 6/30/2009

L'IMPORTANT C'EST D'AIMER (Mondo Vision) out 6/16/2009

ITALIAN SEX (Mya) out 8/25/2009

(Mya) out 9/29/2009

MAFIA CONNECTION (Mya) out 8/25/2009

(Mondo Macabro) out 6/30/2009

NAKED AND VIOLENT (Mya) out 9/29/2009

NIKKATSU NOIR box (Eclipse/Criterion) out 8/25/2009

SEX AND ZEN (Eastern Star/Discotek) out on 9/29/2009

SLEEPY EYES OF DEATH (AnimEigo) out 7/14/2009

STORM RIDERS (Discotek) out 9/29/2009

UNTIL DEATH (Mya) out 9/29/2009

VIOLENCE AND FLESH (Impulse/Synapse) out 6/30/2009

Some very, very interesting stuff there. Some more interesting than others, yes, but considering the sad state of affairs that is the Home Video industry at this time it is a veritable embarrassment of riches. Do you duty, buy worldweirdy DVDs!!

Coming soon to this site: A review of the latest Onar opus KADIN DUSMANI!!!! See ya then movie fans!


Anduril said...

Glad to have you back. We had figured you were lost to us!

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Welcome back my friend!

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Yes, indeed!