Sunday, March 16, 2008

The New Mondo Macabro: QUEEN OF BLACK MAGIC!!!

If you haven't seen it anywhere else, here's the lowdown on the next release from our favorite DVD company.

• Interview with FX creator El Badrun, produced by Mondo Macabro and exclusive to this disc
• Extensive background information about the film
• Original theatrical trailer
• Mondo Macabro’s ever-popular preview reel

With a new anamorphic transfer from the original negative!


Anonymous said...

Awesome. Looking forward to a nice quality upgrade...finally! And I'd like to pass along to any interested WWC readers, if I may, my review for this film found right here at WORLDWEIRD!

saat omar said... u have the poster of PENANGKAL ILMU TELUH? Indonesian 1979's movie?

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actually this movie is so macabre for my my taste, any other recomendation?

Anonymous said...

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Dear Blue Bmw said...

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