Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Mondo Macabro rounds out 2007 with SILIP: DAUGHTERS OF EVE!!!*Updated!*

It's a Filipino erotic sense-smasher and it's coming out on Nov. 20th. A press release describes the release as being "remastered and released for the first time ever with its original score and soundtrack" and that it's - get this - a limited edition two disc set!!!! We can hardly believe it! Here's the totally rad cover!

And here are the gory details, A WORLDWEIRD CINEMA EXCLUSIVE!!!!!

"If there were a prize for wildest film of all time,
I'm pretty sure this one would win"
- VHS-Survivors.com

In the tradition of Japanese "Pink" cinema comes this shocking, violent and sex filled movie that caused an outrage when it was screened at the Chicago Film Festival. The film stars former Miss Philippines, the stunning Maria Isabel Lopez, in her most revealing role ever. It's an eye-opening example of raw and savage film making from one of its country's most innovative directors. Set in the beautiful and remote countryside of Ilongo, the story tells of three young women and their struggle to come to terms with their own sexuality against a background of religious repression and male brutality.

Specs are:

Disc1: Silip-movie: Brand new HD anamorphic transfer from the neg - Including a world premier of the original Tagalog soundtrack with original musical score - we've also included the dubbed version for the sake of completeness - BUT - its truly awful! bad dubbing, bad music - anyone who has seen this needs to see it again with the correct audio!

Disc2: Extras: Brand new filmed interview with director Elwood Perez, brand new filmed interview with star Isabel Maria Lopez, brand new filmed interview with movies art director, large amount of text pages on cast and crew, brand new essay by Pete Tombs on Fillipino "Bold" Cinema


Here are some more quotes about the film we've dug up. Looks like we got a real winner on our hands folks!

"DAUGHTER OF EVE is one of my all-time favorites, an incredible weirdo. Highly recommended"
- Miltos Kordas, CINEHOUND

"features an onslaught of sex scenes (both titillating and absurd) and long stretches of time wherein all we see are naked bodies prancing around the village. Yet there seems to be something else brewing beneath the film's flesh-colored celluloid other than mere titillation. Silip is actually very rebellious in its themes and even in its production."
- Oggs Cruz, Oggs' Movie Thoughts

"one of the most extreme movies we at Mondo HQ have ever seen ... Very intense and extreme stuff but a brilliant film!"
- Andy Starke, Mondo Macabro DVD

"(an) astounding, near-hardcore sexploitation monstrosity ... From the opening water buffalo slaughter to the final double gang rape / straw hut immolation this black hearted beauty will have you spellbound and slack-jawed with amazement!"
- Mark from Shocking Videos

"Insane, outrageous Filipino sex-and-violence masterpiece that's trying to say something about human nature, but I have no idea what."
- David Huber, DVD Maniacs

"lesbian incest, a beheading, burning at the stake and the inevitable gang rape"
- Pete Tombs, from the book Mondo Macabro


Greek VHS cover art for SILIP, courtesy THE CINEHOUND!


Anonymous said...

You forgot to quote Mr Jack J of Cinehound fame where he said: 'I have never seen this but I believe it'll be my favourite film of all time as well! Just like Miltos said!'

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