Thursday, July 26, 2007

Mondo Macabro Update-O!

One of the mysteries of the universe solved!
Why has Mondo Macabro been so silent this year? They've been busy getting themselves a sweet new distribution deal, that's why!
So long Rykodisc, Hello Caroline!
Soon enough, the Mondo Macabro back catalog will be available again including, one may assume ALUCARDA and the TURKISH POP CINEMA DVD, both of which have been MIA for some months.

And in further news, their release calendar for the rest of 2007 is shaping up thusly:
October 2 will see the R1 debut of the astounding MYSTICS IN BALI in what MM promises to be a "brand new HD remaster" that will blow our little minds! Oh great Mysteries of Isis I can't wait for this!
After that ... SILIP aka DAUGHTERS OF EVE! A Filipino erotic shocker described thusly by Mondo Macabro's Andy Starke: "one of the most extreme movies we at Mondo HQ have ever seen... a bone fide masterpiece of Filipino 'Bold' cinema ... truly out there! Very intense and extreme stuff but a brilliant film! Hopefully will be out end Nov..."

Greek VHS cover art for SILIP, courtesy THE CINEHOUND!

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