Tuesday, May 01, 2007


The most important release in DVD history came out today.
Do you have yours yet?
We do, but since we saw the movies not too long ago in the theater, we're not gonna check 'em right away (instead we're gonna take in Jess Franco's nunsploitation freakout THE DEMONS tonight), and maybe wait for the right chemical enhancement to truly allow the cinemagick to flow.
Ignore the naysayers who bitch about FANDO Y LIS and LA CRAVATE not being "flagged for progressive scan" (who gives a fuck, these are essentially just elaborate extra features) or those who'll tell you to skip the box and to just pick up the individual releases of TOPO and MOUNTAIN as somehow being more economical than the set (they obviously can't do math very well).
The box is the way to go fer sure. Purchase this and maybe, just maybe enough will sell that it will inspire some greedy idiot producer to invest money in Jodo's next cinematic project.
Just go out and fucking buy the thing alright?
For Seattle readers, it's on sale this week at Scarecrow Video for only 29.98!!!!
Unbelievably great deal.

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Anonymous said...

Hell yes! That's great news, hope that it sells a million copies.