Monday, March 19, 2007

WHO CAN KILL A CHILD? Dark Sky, that's who!

Out on June 26th from Dark Sky Films, Narciso Ibáñez Serrador's legendary Spanish chiller. One of our most anticipated releases of the year.

Who can contemplate the unimaginable?
Who can face the unthinkable?

On a vacation away from their family, Tom (Lewis Fiander, of DR. JEKYLL & SISTER HYDE) and his pregnant wife Evelyn (FAR FROM THE MADDING CROWD’s Prunella Ransome) sail to an island off the coast of Spain that seems deserted… until its children emerge from the shadows with the blood of their parents on their hands… and hatred in their hearts for every adult.

Unflinchingly horrific and unapologetically downbeat, Narciso Ibáñez Serrador’s WHO CAN KILL A CHILD? was heavily censored for its American release in 1976 as ISLAND OF THE DAMNED. Dark Sky Films is proud to present the complete film, uncut and uncensored, for its long overdue American DVD debut.

More details when they emerge, we promise.
Info gleaned from Latarnia. Thanks Mirek!


laird said...

This year just keeps getting better. We have a decent import copy at Scarecrow, but this movie is deserving of a revisiting. Very creepy!

Have you seen The Devil Times 5? I would recommend checking that out when you're in the mood for some American trash with killer kids.

Jared said...

Just watched that one last week.
Rented it from Scarecrow of course.
It was pretty freakin' awesome! said...

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