Thursday, January 25, 2007

Check out the Cetin Inanc fansite!!!

We're about to take an extended break here at Worldweird and so I'm loading up a handful of stories one after the other over the course of this afternoon and evening. After that it might be more than a week before we start up again with fresh content. Please hang-tight, as this year promises to be a banner year for weirdfilms of all sorts, and we will be there to cover it with enthusiasm and style!

You've gotta see this! - a website of major Worldweird Cinema interest: A Myspace fanpage for the director of the all time worldweird classiks DEATH WARRIOR, THE BIGGEST FIST and THE MAN WHO SAVES THE WORLD, the great Cetin Inanc! They've included biographical info, a partial filmography, extrodinarily rare original trailers for amazing films he made with Turkish superstar Cuneyt Arkin and more.
An absolute must-see. Go here, pilgrims.


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Anonymous said...

Jared, this is a great find !! WOW !!!