Thursday, October 12, 2006

Press Release for SNAKE DANCER!!! (Available November 14th!!)

Mondo Macabro's Special Edition of SNAKE DANCER Slinks Onto Shelves This November!

The movie that proves little girls shouldn't play with snakes is now on video for the first time anywhere!

Mondo Macabro has proudly brought you classic exploitation films from places all over the world that people never expected to see. Indonesian action films? We gave them to you. Bollywood Horror? Uh, didn't you see the September release? Pakistani vampires? That was THE LIVING CORPSE, my friend. And now we bring you a first for Mondo Macabro, something we've never done before. Can your heart stand a sexploitation film about the true-life story of a SNAKE DANCER from South Africa?

Back in the bad old days of the 1970's, South Africa suffered under one of the most repressive governments the world has known. Most forms of fun were either frowned upon or banned outright. And the notion of a woman joyously dancing naked was enough to cause a riot. Particularly if her partner was a sensual, slithering snake! SNAKE DANCER tells the true story of a woman who dared to be different and, in doing so, showed a whole country that it was possible to break the rules and still survive.

But above all, what the film shows is the incredible dancing and sensual live shows of the amazing Glenda Kemp, who stars as herself. And make no mistake; once you've seen her in action, you'll realize why her government tried to ban her - and why a whole nation cheered her on!

SNAKE DANCER features a great number of Glenda's sexy dance routines including several with her large pet python. These are still strong enough to raise an eyebrow or two, even in the liberal climate of today. But with its gaudy trappings, kitsch and camp costumes and unfamiliar accents, the film is never less than hugely enjoyable. All fans of 70's sexploition will love this one, and you may even learn a thing or two from watching it!

Mondo Macabro's DVD for SNAKE DANCER contains the following extra features:

*An interview with SNAKE DANCER writer/director Dirk de Villiers, produced by Mondo Macabro and exclusive to this release.

*An in-depth interview with well-known South African film critic Trevor Steele Taylor who tells us about the history of film making in South Africa from its beginnings up to the present day. Also produced by Mondo Macabro and exclusive to this DVD.

*Extensive production notes and background information on the film, it's cast and crew and the expanded, updated and much loved "Mondo Macabro Preview Reel"!

*SNAKE DANCER is presented in its original 1.33:1 full frame aspect ratio.

Look for Mondo Macabro's DVD for SNAKE DANCER in stores on November 14, 2006 at a retail price of $24.95.

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