Thursday, May 25, 2006

Mondo Macabro presents THE DEVIL'S SWORD

Mondo Macabro is our favorite DVD label here at Worldweird, and it's because they release movies like this:

Mondo Macabro has been proud to present classic Indonesian exploitation films on DVD in the past, and theyve always been some of our most popular releases. The cinema of Indonesia is one that Western audiences know little of, so introducing these one-of-a-kind films to new audiences is what Mondo Macabro is all about. But whenever we put a new Indonesian film out, people keep asking us, Any plans to do Barry Prima movies? Like clockwork this happens, and now, were pleased to announce that our first Barry Prima action classic on DVD is one of his all-time masterpieces, THE DEVILS SWORD! For years fans have been forced to contend with crappy full frame bootlegs that make the film look cheap. Well, its time to finally throw those boots away, because Mondo Macabro has done THE DEVILS SWORD right on DVD in a special edition that were proud to say is one of our best!

Somewhere in time, in a land far away, an ancient wizard forged a deadly sword from the hot metal of a fallen meteorite. This sword is filled with magical energy. Whoever controls it will have ultimate power on earth.

Deep under the ocean, in her palace of crystal, lives the sexually insatiable Crocodile Queen. She uses her body to enslave men to her will. All who enjoy her favors become mutant warriors in her zombie army. The queen wants the power of the deadly sword and entraps the one man she thinks can bring it to her.

THE DEVILS SWORD is one of the triumphs of Indonesian fantasy cinema. Packed with jaw-dropping scenes of incredible wildness, its the closest thing to a legal hallucinogen ever invented. This is a trip youll want to take again and again.

Mondo Macabro's special edition DVD of THE DEVILS SWORD contains the following extra features:

A new interview with DEVILS SWORD star Barry Prima, filmed exclusively for this DVD. Barry is something of a legend amongst fans of Asian cinema and this is the first interview he has ever done. Anywhere. He tells us about how he got his start in the movies, what he thinks of the films he has made and gives us an insight into his unique personality.

Heavenly Swords A text essay about the history and mythology of the sword, written by Mondo Macabros Pete Tombs.

Original theatrical trailer

Extensive production notes and illustrated biographies of cast and crew.

The much loved Mondo Macabro trailer reel of past and future releases.

So get ready for some primo Prima this June with the DVD world premiere of THE DEVILS SWORD from Mondo Macabro. Its bound to be the cult action DVD release of the summer!

Look for Mondo Macabros THE DEVILS SWORD DVD in stores on June 27, 2006 at a retail price of $24.95.

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