Thursday, April 26, 2007

Images below are NOT Work-Safe!!!

These were the good old days.
Below is a selection of beautiful covers of some obscure French erotic film magazine.
Their interview subjects read like an all-star line-up of current Euro-cult film gods (Franco, Rollin, Benazeraf, etc.), plus naked pics of the hottest of Euro-cult Goddess-babes.
Thanks to Andras at the Laternia forums for pointing them out to us.


Undead Film Critic said...

Best Post Ever!

Marshall Crist said...

Strindberg's fake boobies are just depressing. Other than that, bravo.

Jared said...

The Edwige cover is my fave (and is now my current screensaver) but the Rosalba Neri is possibly the hottest of the lot.

Aaron Soto said...

Super cool stuff, i'm a big fan of this blog.
When i discover it 2 months ago i was in shock couse it really similar to mine.
But i post EN ESPAÑOL since 2003.
Hope we can exchange info.
Aaron Soto

Jared said...

Hey Aaron nice work on your blog.
Even though I don't read Spanish it is easily understandable.
Where are you from?

Scott said...

You have made my night, kind sir.